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Dr. Howard Asinoff


Testimonials printed by permission:

I just picked up my glasses today, and I am using them on the computer for the first time.  They are taking a little getting used to, but everything is much easier to read, and I understand everything much easier now, and don’t have to read things twice!  It’s amazing!  Also, I am warm for the first time in so long I can’t remember.  My hands and feet are no longer cold.  I also ran into a lady at the optician whose daughter was picking up her glasses, who was doing nothing but singing the praises of her therapeutic glasses. 

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 Thanks again for the wonderful glasses!!
Joyce A. Meador
Longview, WA 

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I have been 13 years old and have always needed them to drive. I have been wearing therapeutic lenses as much as possible for over 5 years now and yesterday I had to take an eye test to renew my drivers license. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I passed the exam WITHOUT my glasses and the lady behind the counter said “You passed without your glasses. I’ll take the restriction off of your drivers license”. Wow and thanks!   By the way, I just turned 60! 
 John Aden - driverjohn@comcast.net

The following is my testimonial of my experiences with Dr. Asinoff’s light therapy glasses:
I was born legally blind and had 5 eye surgeries as a child, mostly for strabismus (a lazy eye). I was also diagnosed with astigmatism and farsightedness. During my childhood and teenage years, navigating a 3-D world was indeed very odd for me. I could not play any sports, as I could not perceive objects coming at me. I schlepped my body around with me as a nuisance. Being fit or physically capable seemed to be something for other people. I was encouraged to work in a lab by my parents, since I was good at math and had none of the 'girlie feelings' that so many of my peers were trying to cope with. I was a nerd before the word became popular.

After getting my degree in Nursing in Canada, I went on a quest to get rid of my glasses. I found a gifted vision therapist who introduced me to palming and boundary exercises to help me locate my sense of self in relation to my body. My vision improved dramatically. I discovered that with a lot of intent and work, I could make myself inhabit my 3D body. I also vividly remember sitting in a park in Calgary one day, and making a strong heart connection with the Rockies at the horizon and then, as my gaze crept closer to myself, things seemed less and less real to the point of a bush next to me merely having a mental label but no emotional or physical reality attached to it for me. This gave me a lot of insight into the way I related to people as well.

Fast forward a decade; I am now married with young children, I almost never wear my glasses but hubby tells me I'm squinting a lot. Also I'm finding myself not as safe driving without glasses as I should be as I am not able to decipher license plates or exit signs; yikes! I look around for alternative vision people and meet Azalea who refers me to Howard.

This is the part where I suppose that I am to tell you how caring and professional he is, how well he knows his subject area, how comfortable he made me feel. But truly, I'm not sure how much that will matter to you. If you have bothered to come to his website, read this far, been thinking that there might be more for your vision than what you have been acquainted with then either you will feel motivated to try the "I" exam or you won't! You may feel a connection to Howard and understand what he is trying to do for you or something inside will keep screaming at you that this is all rubbish and that you can't be fitted with lenses with your eyes closed.

I myself am more of the former category.  By the time I met Howard I had been doing energy work and was using muscle testing almost daily for myself to help me pick food, supplements, etc. I also found that if I had no one around to help me muscle test, I could close my eyes and simply monitor my breath to tell me the same information. I was relieved that Howard used some of these techniques - can you imagine me sitting at WalMart telling the eye doc that I want him to muscle test me for my glasses?? So the entire experience made a lot of sense to me, due to my years of proving to myself that these subtle yet profound techniques worked for me. Howard has dealt with his own vision issues which I also find normal as we usually teach that which we must learn - my chiropractor has spinal alignment issues and the school's counselor has emotional issues she's working on.

 Howard refers to my left eye as my female side.  He correctly identified that my neurological pattern was very right brained or male, I was very logical in like manner as men are.  At the time, I was only just starting to examine my feminine side and no, this is not gobbledy-gook speak; this is a way to describe ‘owning’ your feelings, using both hemispheres to function fully, becoming a whole person. I had had a blind, fuzzy spot over about 1/3 of my left eye, which immediately 'disappeared' with the therapeutic lenses.

I vividly remember picking up my glasses from the optician. My husband drove us out of his neighborhood and I was thinking to myself ‘Hmmm; wonder what changes I will notice?’ He turned onto the highway and I was slammed into the back of my seat because for the first time ever in my life, I actually have a physical and emotional sense that the cars on the other side were COMING AT ME, not like the mental label phenomenon that I had had for all of my life. It was astounding and intense. So much so that I needed a break so we went to a local mall. As I'm sitting eating in the food court, my gaze falls on a woman about 6 tables away, and I'm astounded to discover that she seems real to me, that I am loving her, my heart is open to her - not just a label in mind "woman 6 tables away, not a danger, ignore". Sweetest of all and what brought me to tears was then sweeping my eyes to my baby daughter in her carseat and actually being able to see on all levels that my being could see: her eyelashes, those wispy, red, perfect eyelashes attached to my daughter who I love so much! Of course logically I knew she had them and probably ‘saw’ them many times, but to perceive them; to perceive her...

So what has happened since? 
My family and I have moved to Klamath Falls, OR. I use my glasses for driving, for computer work and general reading, and for specific therapeutic purposes such as when I'm sick, stressed, etc. My blind spot is gone (even without the glasses so yes, PERMANENT changes are possible), to the point of where I would say that my brain now loves to look where I used to see nothing!!!  And I'm thinking I might be ready to get my glasses tweaked by Howard one more time. And I have become a Group Fitness Instructor. See how we teach that which we must learn? I revel in the feel of my body, the texture of clothes against my skin, my ability to feel my breath inside me. My favorite class is yoga where I now help others to find their inner vision.  We do palming, we change our breathing habits, we ground and center. I've had the honor of working with blind yoga students which confirmed to me many things that Howard preaches. It still amazes me sometimes; being up in front of a class, confident, in shape, and to be able to perceive if any one of my students is struggling, holding their breath, out of alignment, etc. I feel my own ability to see myself both inside and out is now helping me see others and show them how to see themselves. It has come full circle. 

Nikola V., B.Sc.N.
Registered Nurse in WA
ACE- certified Group Fitness Instructor
Klamath Falls, OR