Laser Eye Surgery

All the various laser eye surgeries are exclusive to  ophthalmologists  (MD’s & DO’s). The devices are FDA approved for safety and the procedures are approved by their medical boards and are considered relatively safe. They address the ‘symptoms’ of poor acuity quite well. Blurry sight becomes sharp and clear; literally overnight.  

Having said that, we here at New Hope Therapy will exercise our First Amendment rights in saying that we do not agree with any form of laser eye surgery.* It addresses the ‘symptoms’ but not the problem as explained on our Home Page. Laser eye surgery, in a manner of speaking, ‘locks-in’ your corrective lens prescription on your eyes and although effective from a ‘corrective’ perspective, it is not from a light therapy point of view. With glasses or contacts, you get to take them off some of the time allowing your eyes to relax from your prescription; but with laser surgical correction it is as though your ‘glasses’ are always on! 

We have found there to be physiological differences in the body simply by varying lens strengths or put another way, by increasing or decreasing the spread of light on the retina.  The goal of therapeutic lenses is to maximize the spread of light and ‘not’ to correct your acuity to 20/20.  That is for your eye doctor to do.  But simply illustrated; most people, upon removing their glasses and closing their eyes will note a difference in their ability to breathe deeper and more easily than doing so with their eyes closed and their glasses on! They may also note differences in their blood pressure, hearing perception, reading ability, walking with less or greater ease and so much more.  As you can see, we are using light to enhance overall body function, not to correct your eyesight.  The ability of the widest possible spread of light on the eye’s screen (the retina) to affect so many other bodily functions have barely been explored.        

Of course you may wish to discuss this with your eye doctor but note that in as much as therapeutic lenses are a new and innovative concept, your eye doctor may not be familiar with it and although we don’t see ‘eye-to-eye’ with most eye professionals on this issue, we can honestly say that we have observed some of the finest and most sincere of human beings to be eye doctors and we have yet to find one not dedicated to preserving and restoring sight. We are truly respectful and appreciative of this noble profession and we encourage you to visit your eye doctor regularly. That way they can catch any potential problems early…..and not just eye problems but they are able to see other problems in the early stages of development elsewhere in your body by looking into your eyes!  We say “AMAZING!”  Read more about this on the page EYE CARE PROVIDERS DEFINED. 

Much as we disagree with laser eye surgery, we would be amiss to not acknowledge the many sight saving surgeries that ophthalmologists perform such as retinal re-attachment.  Many people can see today who in times past would be sightless due to these amazing surgical techniques and their amazing skills which they spend years studying and perfecting so we didn’t want this one-and-only difference in opinion to keep us from publicly thanking them for all the good that they do.  In a society where movie stars get more acclaim than people who demonstrate such dedication, we just wanted to acknowledge and thank these unsung heros!   

A nation of sheep will get a government of wolves.
- Edward R. Murrow

 Generally speaking, we encourage people to seek out second opinions and/or other sources of information (library, internet, etc) when it comes making decisions about your health.  We suggest that as a lawyer’s shingle reads “Counselor at Law” that you consider any doctor a “Counselor at Medicine”.  Always be the final say in YOUR health care.

Next to life itself, Gods most precious gift to you is your sight…       

“When a fact appears that threatens orthodox medical practice,
the power groups go into action. They pounce on the poor 
pitiable ‘heresy’ and suppresst, if at all possible. 
If it cannot be suppressed, it is explained away.
If it cannot be explained away, it is denied.
If it cannot be denied, it is buried.”

Alexis Carrel, French Surgeon, 1873 – 1944 

~Thousands Have Been Harmed by Lasik Eye Surgery~

Patients harmed by Lasik eye surgery recently told federal health advisers stories of severe eye pain, blurred vision and even a son’s suicide. The advisers recommended that the government warn more clearly about the risks of the popular operations.

About 700,000 Americans a year undergo the elective laser surgery. Of those, several thousand suffer serious, life-changing side effects, such as worse vision, severe dry eye,  glare, and inability to drive at night.   

 Colin Dorrian, a law school student from suburban Philadelphia,  endured six years of eye pain and impaired vision before he finally  killed himself in 2007.  Matt Kotsovolos’ operation was classified as  successful even though he has suffered from debilitating and unremitting eye pain for two years.

 The FDA advisers recommended that warnings for would-be Lasik patients:

  • Add photographs that illustrate what people suffering certain side effects actually see
  • Clarify how often patients suffer different side effects
  • Make more understandable the conditions that should disqualify someone from Lasik
  • Spell out that anyone whose nearsightedness is fixed by Lasik is guaranteed to need reading glasses in middle age, which could be avoided if they skip Lasik.

Source:  MSNBS  April 25, 2008