No Sex Causes Bad Eye Sight

We include this as, early in his career, Dr. Sirota saw this sign in an eye doctor’s office in which he worked. It took him 6 months until he could read the hidden message but it spurred him on to discovering the principles behind light therapy.

See the black and white cutouts?  Now blur your vision by pulling on the outer corner of your eye and note what the hidden message says.

Seeing each and every piece of the cutout sharply and clearly demonstrates ‘Good Sight’.

But upon a little bit of blur you can read the message, seeing as we say, ‘the whole picture’?

Which demonstrates ‘Good Vision’.

‘Corrective’ lenses give good sight (acuity) while

‘Light Therapeutic’ lenses give good vision (seeing the whole picture – even though it’s a little blurred).

As for the actual message, we’ll let you fill in the blank!

Now, See the frog?

Now turn your head 90 degrees to the right.  

Vision is seeing the whole and ‘giving meaning to it’. 

Sight is a function of the eye. Vision incorporates sight with memory
and recognition.  It also intergrade’s with the other senses. 
Corrective lenses seek to give good sight or acuity. 
Therapeutic lenses seek to develop good vision. Each has its’ place

therapeutic light lenses are ‘not’ meant to replace 

your eye doctor
glasses but rather, the little illusions 

provided on this page will
hopefully help to show the difference as well as entertain. 


 “A person of character takes as much trouble to 
discover what is
right as the lesser men take 
to discover what will pay.” –  Confucius


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