The Story of Light Therapy Redefined

Have you ever felt that you really weren’t seeing the world as well as you should be?  Do you have glasses but get frequent headaches with them or are frustrated with them or lose them all the time?  Have you decided to give up on glasses altogether because you figured that no prescription is ever going to ‘feel’ comfortable to you?

Then New Hope Therapy, has an answer for you that you never thought possible.  

The Eye Exam vs the ‘I’ Exam

Surely you are familiar with an eye exam.We all are! You sit in a darkened room have your peripheral vision blocked
by that strange device that the doctor swings in front of your face, then you focus on an eye chart 20 feet directly in front of you. You are repeatedly asked to choose between Lens # 1 & # 2 The end result being a pair of ‘corrective’ lenses that give 20/20 acuity.  This is the practice of optometry or ophthalmology. 

The ‘I’ exam uses lenses too however that is where the commonality ends.  In fact the ‘I’ exam is so different from
the exam that your eye doctor performs that it is done with your eyes….. closed! That is why we say that it is ‘not’ a substitute for an eye exam by an eye doctor.  The lenses that you ‘subjectively’ choose are done so from an inner sense-or-feeling versus attempting to eliminate blurred vision and so they are ‘Light Therapeutic’ in nature. 

Therapeutic lenses are used to affect and control the manner and pattern in which light falls upon the screen in the
back of the eye (retina) versus corrective lenses which attempt to eliminate blurred sight. One last point of clarification;
much as we enjoy the play-on-words of the ‘I’ exam,  the ‘I’ exam it is ‘not’ an actual eye exam in as much as we
place carefully chosen lenses in front of your closed eyes and it is ‘you’ who chooses the lens that ‘feel right’ to you
and we are confident that there is not an eye doctor in the world that does that!  Eye doctors help you to ‘see’ better
and we help the inner you to ‘feel’ better! 


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